Instantclip MVP

During this week I started the iOS application, and this is the roadmap for finish the MVP.

  1. List of templates.
  2. Be able to play template examples to decide if you want to use it or not.
  3. Video selection and trimming
  4. Create the video result from the information given by a generic template, that should work for many different templates.
  5. Play the result and share it.

I have been able to do from 1 to 3/2, I was a little bit stuck on the trimming view, becuase I need to do it using a ViewController without using SwiftUI and integrate it in SwiftUI. I can do screens using SwiftUI but I wasn't familiar with UIKit.

List of templates

Play template and Video selection

Video trimming

Weeks since I start instantclip, 2.

I'd like to share a summary of the week building instantclip here as a retrospective, I'm going to use my tweets as a reference for the summary, my blog is going to be in English, but my tweets can be in Spanish or English, I didn't decide yet what to do with the language of my tweets :D.

Instantclip is an application to create videos easily without the need of editing using templates, those templates are uploaded by creators that can add a price for using the template. You can visit the webpage